Friday, July 9, 2010

but, everything change !

i know that !
i must try 2 undrstnd that !
that's my faith !

sometimes i feel my heart so lonely .
but u always cheerish it .
u always shine my day .
u alwys help me .
i don't want to be bad gurlz anymore .
i want 2 change my focus in class .
from other things to the teacher in front !
but i can't !!
my memory is FULL !!
many prob i must solve .
i must pretending that nothing had happened .
from day 2 day ,
i become crazier !
i can't stand 4 dis anymore .
my life will go on .
wit my memory full of problemss .

masalah n knangn akn sntiase lam memory iz

every night when i look up and c the STAR

i pray to GOD wit hopE
only GOD can understand my plight

that's aLL,, fRom heart to heart

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