Monday, December 20, 2010

c0ntest n award. . . .

header c0ntest ??
it's mean ??
mls den.dh la xtw spe y aku nk tag 6t.
btw thanx sis tima.
den kan pmls.hehe,
actually, ad ati gak la nk sertai, hehe.
len kali saje ep. ngee,

ni lak awrd dr sis miey
actually aku x phm n x tw pun sal awrd ni . . . . . . . .
kne jwb kew s0klan 2 ?? err ?

1. make a cute thanks and wishes to the person who gave you this award.
err, thanx bebyk ep. syg anda sgt2 :p ngee

2. spread this award to 15 bloggers whom you think their blog are totally awesome !
semua ! :p muahahaha [suke cam sis tima]

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